Medicine 4.0 Conference 2020



28/02/2020 8:15 AM - 29/02/2020 5:30 PM

MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur



This event is CPD Approved by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)

  • CPDE15577 – Medicine 4.0 2020
  • Event Points: 16

MEDICINE 4.0 CONFERENCE 2020, A CDP approved event by Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) will be held from the 28 – 29 February 2020. This inaugural conference aims to bring together presenters and panelists from a cross- section of industry experts, academics, thought leaders and heads of multinational corporations to discuss and recognize the advent of new treatment paradigms and technological innovation trends to make healthcare more predictive for better patient outcome.

The 2 days interactive conference platform will witness promising innovative health start-up companies presenting game-changing technology for improved patient experience, and to collaborate, innovate and transform the medical fraternity to create value and impact for the nation. With technology being the driving force behind healthcare advances, evidently, the start-ups are mounting to be an essential component transforming healthcare delivery today.

Medicine 4.0 will play a key role in elevating the nation towards Industry 4.0 to place Malaysia in the global chain value as an industrialised nation. The conference aims to create a significant platform for Industry 4.0 to be embraced, simultaneously nurturing state of the art innovations in the medical fraternity for the nation’s benefit.

This imminent conference is organised by CBMTI Sdn Bhd and University Malaya, with the support of Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).